421 For All
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Because there's more to legalization than cannabis consumption.


Our goal is to make every April 21st, a.k.a. 4/21, a day of cannabis justice observance. This year April 21, 2019 will mark the inaugural kickoff of the 4/21 For All campaign. And we're celebrating with a live-streamed event at 8PM to benefit some of the organizations leading the way for cannabis equality.


Four Twenty One For All Inc. (421 Co.) is an entity dedicated to promoting awareness of cannabis legalization issues related to criminal justice reform, social and economic empowerment, patient rights, environmental protectionism, and inclusion/diversity/access matters.


  • People of color continue to be arrested, incarcerated, and criminalized for low-level cannabis offences at greater rates than their white counterparts - despite similar rates of use.
  • The communities hit hardest by cannabis prohibition may be prevented from participating in the legal cannabis industry.
  • People with records for activities no longer considered criminal continue to bear the burden of criminalization, which impacts their access to education, housing, medical, and other services.
  • Many would-be cannabis entrepreneurs face impossible barriers to entering the cannabis industry because access to capital has been routinely denied to them.
  • Cannabis legalization legislation lacks comprehensive environmental considered.